Yamakawa Sangyo Co., Ltd, is the leading sand supplier headquartered in Amagasaki-city, Hyogo prefecture, Japan. With a history of over 80 years, Yamakawa has always been providing innovative products and services to foundry, recreational,sports, building, construction, water treatment and glassmaking markets in Japan and Asian countries.

Amagasaki Head Office

Founded in 1933, Yamakawa has continued to offer wide range of industrial sand and related products to customers in Japan and Asian countries while operating in an environmentally responsible manner.

Yamakawa has been certified under the international environmental standard ISO 14001.
Corporate Name:

Yamakawa Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Paid up capitals:

10 million JPY

Founded:January, 1933
President : Norihiko Kanemoto
Date of Establishment: 

May 6th, 1944

Number of Employees:

180 (as of October 1st, 2018)

3-27, 1 chome, Nishinagasu-cho, Amagasaki, Hyogo, 660-0805, Japan

Phone: +81-6-4868-1560  Fax: +81-6-4868-1561
Annual Turnover:USD$111 million

Business Activities

  • Mining and processing silica sand for castings(foundry), building and construction materials, glassmaking, steelmaking, sports facility and civil engineering markets
  • Manufacture and sale of Resin Coated Sand
  • Design, manufacture and sale of foundry equipment
  • Sale of Furan resin as an agency of Kao Quaker Co., Ltd.
  • Manufacture and sale of Shell mold and Furan mold
  • Manufacture and sale of artificial sand with low thermal expansion property
  • Manufacture and sale of ball-shaped artificial sand with low thermal expansion property
  • Foundry sand recycling
  • Sale of foundry materials
  • Manufacture and sale of Nozzle sand for steelmaking plant
  • Sale of Chromite sand
  • Manufacture and sale of low thermal expansion artificial sand
  • Manufacture and sale of Non-metallic blasting abrasive
  • Sale of materials for vegetation, sports and leisure markets

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Our Indonesian subsidiary, PT. YKS INDONESIA serves foundry sand to the Indonesian foundry market.
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Yamakawa provides various kinds of analytical data to all customers on a requested basis. Scientific analysis conducted by our highly-educated R&D staff utilizing the leading edge instruments is one of our biggest strength. Based on this scientific analysis, Yamakawa offers the most suitable and reasonable solution to challenging issue of each customer.

If you have any inquiry about our products,
please feel free to contact us at;
Yamakawa Sangyo Co.,Ltd.
Overseas Division
E-mail: inquiry@yks-net.co.jp
Phone: +81-6-4868-1583
(English speaking sales representative available)
Fax: +81-6-4868-1556

Office hours
9:00AM through 5:30PM (Japan local time)
 Monday through Friday
<<山川産業株式会社>> 〒660-0805 兵庫県尼崎市西長洲町1丁目3番27号 TEL:06-4868-1560 FAX:06-4868-1561